Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Today was a meh sort of day with the horses.  I got to the barn early but the horses hadn't been turned out - storms had been expected this morning but we only got rain.  The horses finally got turned out, and then I turned Red and Pie out into their paddocks.

I didn't ride Dawn, since she'd been kept in late.

In the afternoon, I rode Red, but he was stiff and lacking in forward for a good part of our trotting.  By the end of our 8 minutes, his trot was finally loose and forward, but it took a while to get there.  He's getting a day off - either a hand walk or a walk ride - tomorrow, and we'll see how he does the next day.

Pie is clearly having some neurological issues - I had some trouble picking his feet - in fact he almost fell on me at one point when he lost track of which foot I was holding and which feet were on the ground.  I didn't ride - an unstable horse (not to mention reactive and spooky horse) is an unsafe horse. We did a few minutes of hand walking, but he really wanted to get back to his stall, so back we went.  I should have his EPM test results by the end of the week, so we know if we're dealing with a vaccine reaction or a new case of EPM.

Meh . . . tomorrow is another day, as it's said.  The good news is I got to visit and spend time with my lovely equines.


  1. Some days are like that! Rainy days I just like to curl up on the couch and snooze... but that doesn't get the chores done!
    Sure hope you can get Pie feeling better soon.

  2. Hope you get Pie sorted out soon. He's such a great horse.

    We've got your rain here, so not much going on with riding.


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