Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No Dental Surgery for Dawn, Red is Calmer and Pie Bolts

Dawn's dental surgery is being rescheduled - the office lost all their appointment data due to a computer malfunction.  She's doing fine right now so long as I'm careful about what hay she gets.  She's started on a 14-day treatment with levamisole for her mild neurological symptoms - her EPM titer came back 2-2-2, which means her symptoms are likely due to her vaccinations.

Red was much more chilled out today, although he bucked impressively this morning after rolling when I turned him out.  We did 7 minutes of trotting, and tomorrow I'm hoping to move him up to 8 minutes.  Once we're at 10 minutes for a week, he can start to get some herd turnout, which he sorely needs - this morning he was posturing/bellowing/striking as he sniffed noses with poor Pie . . .

Pie's right hind continues to be weak, and he's still very grumpy for grooming.  We rode for a while today, mostly at a walk.  I took him out in the pasture, and we were walking around when suddenly there was a loud crashing in the woods next to the pasture - might have been a deer.  Pie was very unhappy about this and bolted.  I turned him, and once he was facing the scary area he rotated and bolted again.  We did this a number of times, and once we were far enough away for me to safely dismount, I did so.  I led him back down towards the barn - he was well-behaved but we didn't closely approach the scary area.  I remounted on a hill and we did some more walking around in the pasture, but not quite up to the scary place.  I then took him into the indoor and we did a bit of loose rein trotting - he's not quite right so we didn't do much.  We're waiting for the results of his EPM blood test - either he has a new case which we can treat, or he'll be a 2-2-2 and is having a vaccination reaction.  Any horse might have spooked at the crashing in the brush, but Pie seems a bit hyper alert to me . . .

Two bolts in two days . . .


  1. Be careful on Pie. I don't want you to come off again (not a reflection on your riding of course).

  2. Maybe wait til Pie is feeling better to ride him?

  3. I wonder if they shy more when they don't feel 100% because they are 'vulnerable' as a herd animal. I hope Pie's new doses of meds help him out!


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