Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Twice on Pie (and Once on Red, and Once on Dawn)

Today was a long, but very good, horse day.  Red got 45 minutes of turnout with the herd this morning, and only had 1 1/2 cc of oral ace.  It was delightful to see him canter and trot off, perfectly sound, on his way to the pasture.  Today he stayed out with the herd in the far pasture for his whole time out, and I hiked out to get him.  He came back with me willingly, and we forestalled the herd galloping up behind us by taking pauses where I let him graze for a moment - the herd settled and didn't follow him back to the barn.

Pie was very upset that Red got to go out, and that he didn't.  He was squealing, and bucking and trotting and cantering in the two pens (his and Red's, with the gate open between).  He did settle down, but he wasn't happy.   I rode Pie for a while in the morning, after a nice ride on Dawn, but he didn't settle well and was fretful and distracted and a bit spooky - I'd be that way too, if I hadn't had a proper turnout in over two months.  Pie normally has to stay off the grass for the month of June - he gets sore feet otherwise - but his pen time started much earlier this year due to having to babysit Red - poor Pie.  I think I'll start some hand grazing with Pie tomorrow and hope he's a bit happier.

The horses came in around 10:30 a.m. due to thunderstorms, but I managed to get Red and Pie back out in their pens for a couple of hours in the afternoon, before the next round of storms came through.

So, in the afternoon, I rode Pie again.  He was spooky at a few points, but we had a very nice ride and he did lots of forward trotting - that should burn off some of his energy.  I also rode Red, who was very, very good.  We even did a small amount of cantering on both leads - just one lap of the arena in each direction.  He took both leads willingly and it was just lovely to be cantering on him again - he has a very nice, round canter.

So four rides in one day - I'm tired but happy.


  1. Glad Red is doing so well. Poor Pie should be happy when he finally gets to join the herd too. I'll bet you'll sleep good tonight. That's a lot of riding!

  2. Good to hear how well Red is doing. It's been a long journey to get him back out with the herd. He must be smiling. Now, all you need to do is get that frown off of Pie's cute face. Too bad he doesn't know the confinement is for his own good. Maybe the extra rides will cheer him up---eventually.


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