Friday, June 27, 2014

Two out of Three isn't Bad . . . I Think

I have two sound horses out of three.  This morning, I put Dawn on the lunge to check her soundness - she's had about a week off from riding - and she was completely sound in both directions at the trot and canter.  We went on to have a lovely ride - she was very forward and soft.

Pie is much happier now that's he's getting just a smidge of turnout - yesterday and today he got 15 minutes in the late morning just before I was ready to bring Red in.  Pie galloped and bucked and farted and just had a grand old time, with a little grass nibbling thrown in.  Today when I rode him, he was much more settled - we even did a bit of lungeing before riding to check his soundness and he was very cooperative.  No pulses in the feet, so tomorrow he'll get 20 minutes out - yippee, I'll expect he says!

Red is very happy, but he is also very off.  I lunged him today, briefly, to check his soundness, and he was quite unsound - the right hind is the culprit, I think (the left hind which had the surgery seems fine).  Either he is dealing with the aftereffects of his fall on the concrete aisle about 12 days ago - he's got a new wind puff on the outside of his right hind, or he got kicked - there's a small ding at the front of his right hind cannon bone.  He's got a bowed swelling at the front of his right hind cannon bone - no heat or sensitivity.  I've been giving him aspirin, but in an attempt to simplify life have switched to adding it to his regular dry feed rather than giving him soaked feed with it added.  And he hasn't been eating it.  So, tonight, we went back to the wet feed with aspirin routine.  So it's either a ding, or no aspirin, or both.  Time will tell.  He seems happy and comfortable in turnout, so we'll see how he does.


  1. Poor Red, he's having his problems this year. Hopefully he will heal quickly and feel much better soon.

    Sounds like Pie and Dawn were in good form today.

  2. Sigh.... there's always something....
    Glad Dawn and Pie are doing well!


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