Saturday, July 5, 2014

Red is Still Off and Pie is Much Better

I put Red on the lunge again briefly Friday.  Yep, he's still lame in the right hind at the trot, although much improved from last week.  But he's now very sound at the walk and all the various swellings have gone done almost completely, and there's no heat or sensitivity.  He's in turnout, and I'm riding him at the walk, and we'll continue to do that as long as he's improving.  As best I can tell, he may have bruised his extensor tendon - the one that runs down the front of the cannon bone - in two places, one between his hock and pastern where it looks liked he nicked himself somehow (glancing kick?), and also where he whacked the front of his pastern joint when he fell in the barn aisle.  The fall in the aisle didn't produce any immediate lameness, although there was some slight puffiness to either side and above the pastern joint, probably indicating a slight strain of the deep digital flexor tendon.  But the nick midway between pastern and hock produced a pretty sizable bulge on the front of his cannon bone and a short stride even at the walk.  These types of injuries, even if not severe, can take a long time to heal completely, but for now we're enjoying our walk rides.  Some of his free/extended walk is the best it's ever been - good exercise for healing tendons and/or ligaments.

Pie had his fifth ulcer treatment today, and is doing great.  He's happy and comfortable, and we're riding again.  Today we did some really nice trot work - his movement is free and flowing - he's not worried about being uncomfortable - and his willingness is back.  Poor fellow - he makes me think of all the miserable horses there are out there with ulcers who get blamed for poor performance and bad attitudes when all they're trying to do is tell someone that they hurt.


  1. Seems like Pie and Red are on the track to full recovery. I'm glad they're doing so much better.

  2. Ulcers are more common than some people think. Some horses are too stoic to complain. My Tucker is NOT one of them. Glad to hear Pie is responding well to treatment. Proper medication can make a huge difference in the horse's behavior. Seems to me you are already reaping the benefits.

    Wishing Red well. He's not had it easy these last few months....neither have you. *sigh*

  3. Your post from today disappeared so maybe you took it off, I wanted to say that there is no crime in losing passion for trail riding. I used to love it -- it is what I grew up doing. But now-a-days, I just am not interested that much. Don't fight it. Do what you love.

  4. My Panama was one of those who was too stoic -- and too cheerful -- to complain. Last year I was struggling with his weight, and he is normally a pretty easy keeper. After some troubleshooting with my vet, we tried ulcer medication, and that was what fixed him. I never guessed that was the problem though because he never showed any of the usual behavioral signs!


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