Sunday, July 13, 2014

Red Slowly Improves, Dawn is Eating Well, and Pie is Perfectly Pleasant

Red is still not sound at the trot on the lunge, but he's slowly improving, and considering how much cantering and even galloping he's been doing in turnout, the fact that he's improving is a sign things should continue to get better.  It's the right hind, where he bruised the front of his pastern joint and the front of his fetlock when he fell in the barn aisle, and also got a glancing kick to the front of the cannon bone - it's likely he has a minor strain and bruising of the extensor tendon.  But his walk is sound, and free and swinging, and his trot isn't bad - short striding with the right hind - not bringing it forward quite as far as the left hind - and worse when the right hind is on the outside of the circle.  This is consistent with it being the extensor tendon, since the outside hind has to travel further on the outside of the circle, and if he's not bringing it forward far enough that's exaggerated when the right hind is on the outside.  There's no heat, swelling or tenderness, although he still has hard lumps at the three impact sites, which I've been massaging.

We're just going to keep on with our program - all day turnout and walk rides.  Today he even offered up a bit of trot that wasn't too bad at all when we were doing our big walk - I brought him right back to walk since we won't be trotting under saddle until he's sound at the trot on the lunge - we'll check again in another week.  In the meantime, there's lots we can do - shortening/lengthening the walk, halt/walk/halt transitions with backing thrown in, figure work and some lateral work.

Dawn is still "resting" after her dental surgery last week - I won't ride her for about another 10 days.  But she's doing very well and eating up a storm - she's able to eat hay much better now and is really enjoying it.  She's still on antibiotics, and had her last dose of banamine today.  After the other two teeth come out in a month, she'll probably feel even better.

Pie's turnout time in the pasture has gradually been increasing, and tomorrow is the first day in three months that he and Red will go out to the pasture with the other geldings at turnout time, and will stay out all day.  Pie had more than 7 hours of pasture turnout today, and his feet are doing fine - no pulses or heat.  He and Red were very cute when I turned them out this morning - Red walked ahead and waited for Pie, who broke into a canter first but Red then led the way - they cantered off with Red in front at quite a relaxed canter - it was very cute to see Pie following along in Red's tracks. I'm starting to taper off Pie's ulcer meds - he had 3/4 tube of UlcerGard yesterday and today, and we'll back off to 1/2 tube tomorrow.  Once we're down to 1/4 tube, I'll keep him on that for a while.  He's now a Perfectly Pleasant Pie - no grumpiness for grooming and tacking and very happy and forward at trot and canter - what a change!  He's doing some of the best canter work he's ever done, relaxed, soft and balanced.


  1. It's amazing how many horses have ulcers. And, thankfully, equally amazing how well they respond to ulcer meds.

  2. Good news on all fronts. Full day turnout must make for happy horses.

  3. Sounds like everyone is doing well. I'm sure Pie is loving his turnout with his buddies. Glad the meds are working for him.

  4. We like a Perfectly Pleasant Pie!

  5. Glad Red is getting better and that Dawn is happier too. As for Pie, the ulcer meds can produce amazing results. Wishing him a happy tummy!


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