Monday, July 7, 2014

Weird Stuff and Worries

I rode Dawn this morning before it got too hot, and she was great, including at the canter.  But this afternoon, when I led her into the aisle, and turned her, something was weird.  She walked fine in a straight line, but when I turned her in a tight circle, she really didn't want to weight her left hind.  No heat, no swelling, no tenderness and the foot looks fine.  While she was standing there, she rested her right hind, so she doesn't mind standing on it.  Just weird.

Then, when I was picking Red's stall, he was going through all sorts of contortions to scratch his side and hip with his teeth, and then was scratching his neck and jaw with one hind leg.  Very itchy.  I scratched him for a bit - he really appreciated that - but then I noticed he had a bunch of large soft swellings on the right side of his neck.  I'm guessing a reaction to stings or bites - there are a lot of mosquitos and the flies are also very bad, or he could have been stung by a wasp or bee.  I gave him a 1,000-lb. dose of banamine and slathered on some arnica gel.  I asked the barn owner/manager to text me how he's doing at night check tonight and heard back that he seemed OK.

And tomorrow is Dawn's dental surgery - I've got lots of worries about that, but thankfully Dawn is blissfully ignorant.  Keeping fingers crossed that all goes well and the offending broken teeth are safely removed.  I expect I'll be spending a lot of hours at the barn tomorrow - the two dental surgery vets are due around 9 a.m. and they're expecting to take between two and three hours to remove the teeth.  Dawn then has to recover from sedation.  Don't know that I'll be up to taking pictures - I may leave them to it once she's sedated.

And then there are the trail riding worries.  I'd never chance riding Dawn on the trail, I'm not at all sure about Red (or sure about me with Red, which isn't the same thing at all), and Pie . . .  I got Pie for trail riding, and we did pretty well initially, although there were some big spooks and spins.  And then I came off in 2011 and banged myself up pretty badly.  And Pie still can spook and spin.  I don't know if it's his eyesight or a lack of confidence (his or mine or both), but I don't know that I'll be able to get out on the trail any time soon.  There are some quiet trail riders at our barn, but they mostly keep to themselves and I haven't been issued any invitations to join them - even if I wanted to which I don't know if I do.  Not sure I've got the confidence any more, and don't really have the support structure of other friendly trail riders to get me over the hump.  Maybe I'm just getting too old, who knows?  And it may be that I really don't enjoy trail riding that much - I never missed it when I was at a show barn, and I do really enjoy working on things in the arena.  Maybe I'm just trying to trail ride because I think I should?  This is all too complicated to figure out, particularly right now  . . .

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  1. I keep trying to venture out on the trail for similar reason..."I think I should". But the fact is, I like the "roundy round" as my husband calls it. I love schooling and working on things. I love the art and science of it and it's been that way since I was a little girl. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

    I hope all went well with Dawn's dental work today.


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