Friday, August 29, 2014

Trying Something Different - and Finally, Three Rides!

Today was a very good day - I finally got to ride all three horses, even if two of those rides were only at the walk - it was still all just fine with me.  It's about two and a half weeks after Dawn's dental surgery, and she was good to go - they're coming back to check her in September, but she's eating well and seems very comfortable.  All we did today was about 15 minutes of walk work, although she would have willingly trotted - we'll do a bit of that tomorrow.  We worked on circles and serpentines and getting softness with an inside bend - softness on the inside rein is the trick for that.  It was lovely to be riding her again.

Red and I also had a very nice 15 minute walk ride, with cones.  Lots of circles and serpentines and some leg yield, as well as intervals of "marching" walk.  At one point he clearly would have trotted if I had asked, but I want us to get up to 30 minutes of walk work before we do any trot work under saddle.  Iced his leg after, and he seemed pretty satisfied.

Pie has a sore on the left side of his face, about where the bridle lies.  It's probably a sting or bite by a big fly, and it's been very slow to heal and also borderline infected.  I've been cleaning and treating - we're trying to get it to dry out a little, and I'm using Swat around it to keep the flies off.  I brought out my side pull - a very nice one from Buckeroo Leather that I haven't used in a while - and cleaned it up and we tried that out - it didn't touch the sore spot.  I used to ride Pie in it back when I first got him, but he didn't do that well in it since he didn't know much about softness in the bridle at that point.

He was just great in it.  He was just as soft and responsive as in the bit, and seemed if anything more relaxed.  We didn't work that long as it was hot and very humid, but did some very nice work at walk and trot and then some excellent relaxed work at canter.  His backing was excellent - he seemed to really like the side pull and we'll use it again soon.

A really fine day with horses!


  1. Sounds like a great day all around for everyone.

  2. Great news. I love working with a side pull do the horses.

  3. 3 cheers! (one for each horse)


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