Monday, October 6, 2014

Some Post Topics Floating Around . . .

I have ideas for several posts floating around in my head and in various drafts.  They'll get massaged into shape - or not - but here are some hints:

Riding in Neutral 
Reliability and Consistency 
The Problem with "Respect" 
Softness Doesn't Mean Being Ineffective 
Letting the Horse Find the Soft Spot

We'll see where that all comes out . . .

In other news, Red and I are up to 30 minutes walking under saddle, with quite a bit of good work involved - figures, lateral work including leg yield and pirouettes, backing, shortening/lengthening.  He's walking much better, and his backing is now straight with no rotation of his hips as he backs or foot-dragging.  We have one more 30-minute walk session to go, and then I'll run some neuro tests (I'm not a vet but having had 5 EPM and one Lyme case, I can do a pretty decent set of neuro tests) and see if he's ready for trot work.  Today, when we were doing our lengthening work at walk, he really wanted to take that forward into trot, which was a very good sign.  His ankle looks pretty good - a small puff on the outer side, but we continue to ice and it looks better every day.

My recent rides on Pie have been amazing - very strong connection and just lovely work.  The quality of his movement and softness just continues to improve.

Dawn has what I hope will be her final visit from the dental surgeon tomorrow to recheck her mouth after her three extractions.  Considering that she's eating up a storm and is almost fat - for Dawn, this is amazing as she's usually too thin - I'm expecting all will be well.  We're scheduling a chiropractic visit, since her neck is stiff and sore from all the propping up of her head for her extractions.


  1. Those are all fan topics that I'd love to read your POV on!

  2. Glad Red is better, you seem to have the strongest connection with him.
    I'm really looking forward to those posts, I think all of them will help me with where we are at with Kai now.

  3. Glad to hear he's improving so much. And unfortunately, I'm pretty sure you're near expert status in performing neuro exams by now...*sigh*.
    After having some recent dental work, I can soo relate to feeling sore and tweaked by it all. I bet Dawn will appreciate a little chiro and massage work.

  4. Sounds like Red is really improved. I'm so glad for him and you. Dawn will surely appreciate her massages and chiro work. And Pie, wonderful as always.

    Your topics sound interesting. I understand where you are with them. I have so many titles and ideas but never really get around to doing anything about them. Maybe in the winter there will be more time...


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