Sunday, November 30, 2014

Everything's Good

I give thanks every day for my wonderful horses, and the opportunity to spend time with them.  Everyone is doing well.

Dawn and I continue our early morning rides when it's not too cold.  I used to ride when it was above 10F, but my limit has changed to 20F.  At that temperature, Dawn also gets her rump rug, which she tolerates but objects to my putting on.  She's fat and sassy, and I think it makes her a bit more "emotive" to be so "well-rounded".  Yesterday was a good example.  We trotted around for a while - she was extremely forward but quite well-behaved, and then a horse in a paddock outside the arena made a loud noise and she spooked, fairly large.  She was over-alert and reactive afterwards, so I hopped off and put her on the lunge.  If she wants to move out, I let her, but I only want walk/trot/canter/trot/walk/transitions and I ask her to keep moving until her brain's back in her body.  Dawn's a horse who, when she's upset or agitated, takes a while to calm down.  We got there, but there were some interesting, and fairly spectacular, acrobatics, in the mean time.

About a week ago, she had some discharge from her left nostril (only) - whitish/yellowish/yoghurt-like - and more when she snorted while I was riding.  But no coughing, and no fever, and no odor or sign of tooth problems, and she was certainly bright-eyed and eating well.  I waited a few days to see if things would resolve, but the discharge kept coming.  I called my vet and she recommended what I expected - 10 days of SMZs.  After day three, no more yoghurt discharge, but we're still finishing our course of medication.

Red is up to 10 minutes of trot work and we're on course to do that for a full week.  Once we're there, he should be able to go back to regular work.  I continue to use his Sports Medicine boots on the hind legs (unless his legs are too muddy), and to use Sore-No-More after our work sessions.  He's quite happy to work, and once he warms up at trot after a few laps, his trot is engaged, and forward and quite elevated - and if there's a mare in the ring, he'll have a special spring in his step!

Pie is also doing very well.  His canter work continues to improve - we're working on our trot/canter and walk/canter transitions.  My connection with him also is improving - I can be sitting still in the center of the ring on a loose rein and all it takes (for Dawn and Red too) for him to back is for me to slightly touch the (still loose) reins and think back, ending at the exact number of steps I want.  His lateral work (both turn on forehand, turn on haunches and side pass, as well as moving lateral work) is also doing great - so long as I'm precise with my asks and keep my eyes up and posture open - Pie's a great teacher on this. All three of my horses also come to a beautiful halt instantly, using their hindquarters, from any gait without any rein or other aids, other than my breathing out and "relaxing" them into stopped feet.

Today we're all taking a day off from riding, other than grooming - and I expect they're be a lot of mud to deal with since things have warmed up the past two days - but back into the freezer tomorrow.

And my friend, the horse I'm taking care of for two weeks, is really getting the idea of turning to face me in the stall, and he's also making great strides with his head-down give to pressure exercise.

Every day, with each of my horses, is a good day - we should all have such good days.


  1. Kate...good news all around. All three horses seem to be in such a good place, and you (as usual) are so on task. 60 degrees here at the moment, going down to the mid 30s tomorrow.

  2. I'm glad you are all doing well! This is the best kind of update. :D

  3. I'm glad that all three are sound and doing well.

  4. Pics of Dawn's airs above the ground would have been great- that's the photographer in me talking. Have you ever used the Back on Track products?

    1. Although Dawn never pulls on the line, even at her most "acrobatic", I'd find it hard to handle a camera and the line at the same time. Never have used Back on Track products.

  5. Glad to hear things are going so well. It sounds like progress on all fronts.


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