Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hug Your Horses

A friend of mine lost her beloved gelding today.  He was 24, sound and apparently in very good health - she rode him last night.  Sometime in the night, he coliced badly.  This morning, he was in distress and she had him trailered to the vet clinic, and the vets told her there was nothing they could do - surgery in his case had less than a 5% chance of working - he apparently ruptured his intestine.  So all of us need to hug our horses - every day we have them - you never know how long you have.


  1. So sad. The exact same thing just happened to a horse at my barn. My heart breaks for the owners.

  2. I feel for your friend. I've been through this and it is frustrating because there is nothing you can do but let them go to ease their suffering. One day they're here and the next they're gone. It's hard to deal with. Give your friend my sympathies. I'm sure you will be there for her when she needs you.

  3. Life is fleeting - for horses, pets and people. This is a good reminder to tell our friends and loved ones that we care.

  4. So very sad losing our beloved animals. It hurts so much, and for me, at least, I many times question if only I could/would have...colic sucks. It's so random and so frustrating and has taken so many good horses. Life is not fair, and there are no guarantees. We love them while we can, and hopefully appreciate them for who they are. My sweet, old girl Kadie was 30 last May. :) She's an angel in a horse's body, and I lover her so much it hurts. She is every inch, a beautiful little old lady...

  5. Please offer your friend my condolences. Losing a horse is never easy, losing one you love is heartache.

    Thanks for the reminder. My Boys will get special hugs tonight.

  6. I hate reminders of how precarious life can be, even when all seems well. 10 days ago one of my good friends died in her sleep. She was in her 40s, no known health issues, and she just . . . died. It was quite a shock to all who knew and loved her. It will be awhile before her family gets a full autopsy report.

    I am sorry for your friend. Losing an important part of your life so suddenly is very hard.

    1. Melissa - that's just terrible. I know it happens - it happened to someone I knew well in his early 50s - he just went to sleep and didn't wake up. My condolences to you and your friend's family.


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