Sunday, December 14, 2014

Canter Happy

Red and I are finally cantering again, after many months of (repeated) time off and slow rehab from first, his splint bone surgery on his left hind, and then, second, the injury and reinjury to his other hind ankle.  His transitions to canter have been just plain lovely - all I have to do is feel the new rhythm and he just steps off.  And today, he was having such a good time cantering - we're only doing it for short periods - that it was hard to get him to stop and every time I increased the energy at walk or trot, he wanted to canter again.  Guess he's feeling pretty good about it, which is great.  We're working to improve his fitness and reduce his weight - lots of trotting - and I'm hoping there'll be lots more great cantering in our future.


  1. My Chance much prefers cantering to trotting. It just must be an easy gait for some horses. So pleased to hear Red is rehabbing so well and is so eager to please. Canter on, and enjoy every moment of the ride!

  2. A milestone in rehab for sure! Congrats to both of you!


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