Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sidepull Forever, and I Can't Stay Away

A break from trying to describe softness . . .

Dawn has firmly declared that she will only be ridden in the side pull from now on.  I tried her in the bit again yesterday - it's been about 6 weeks since the serious injury to her tongue, which seems to be well-healed by now.  She gaped her mouth, she lolled her tongue - it was clear the bit didn't feel right to her.  I expect she has some scar tissue or reduced sensitivity of her tongue, which just makes the bit feel odd.  So side pull it is - she rides very nicely in it, and it has the advantage that I can lunge off it when she's a bit, ahem, wild . . .  But today all was well - she was nicely responsive on the lunge, so we didn't do that for long, and had a lovely ride (in an arena that was about 25F - brrr!).

And since it's Wednesday, and I have my music lesson in the afternoon, the boys get a day off today.  But I still can't stop myself from walking out in the big turnout to say hello to them - I often do this after I ride Dawn, even on days they are getting ridden.  They're usually to be found chowing down together on the bales.  Both boys politely said hello, and then went back to the important business of eating.  As I headed back to the barn, several other horses came up to say hello too.


  1. I have not used a bit in years and my horses seem very happy about that.

  2. Nothing wrong with the sidepull!! Dawn is lucky to have such an attentive rider. :D

  3. Sounds like Dawn has found a comfortable place to be, and with all her mouth issues, might just be the right fit.If she works well in it why not

  4. If Dawn's a good girl in the side pull all is well. She's the one who knows best what feels good.

    As to the Boys, don't you love how they can just ignore us when they are in food mode? Just goes to show us what our most important role is in their lives. *lol* "Oh, she's the one that brings the chow."


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