Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fabulous Missy

I just had another great ride with Missy - it was our fifth ride.  We started with some in-hand relaxation and softening work, including some concentrated work on soft backing - this was hard, but every time we did it she improved.

We worked some more on our standing for mounting - it's almost 100% where I want it to be.  After I got on, we just stood there for a while on a loose rein while I praised her.

We did some very nice walk work, with soft stretching down, and some beginning to work on lengthening/shortening work off my seat and energy level, getting a nice, energetic, soft walk.  Her halt is already significantly better - I think halt, exhale and place the feet for a square halt and she's right on it.  We did some just standing around on a loose rein watching everything that was going on.

And we did some softening and backing under saddle - again, this was hard at first but by the end of our short work session she was already getting much better at it.  This also will likely be completely right within a couple more work sessions.

Missy got lots of praise and strokes, and she seems to really appreciate that - well, she likes the treats she gets at the end of the ride, too! She is such a good-natured, level-headed, willing and intelligent mare that she's a delight to work with.  She learns very quickly, and is willing to adopt new habits if I'm clear and consistent about what I want.

Fabulous Miss!


  1. She's pretty good at making people fall in love with her<3

    I couldn't be happier that your enjoying her so!

  2. You two are doing very well together. You seem to be well matched -- I can hear the smile in your voice when you talk about how sweet and willing and level headed she is.

  3. I was certainly smiling while reading this post. I'm so happy you're getting along. She really does sound like a lovely mare.

  4. I love hearing Missy updates and am so glad she's landing in such a wonderfully loving home! :D

  5. What a good girl. A horse like that makes riding a joy.

  6. Missy seems like a dream horse. So sweet and willing to learn what you want. Nice mare.

  7. That kind of ride is the type I enjoy. Missy sounds like a wonderful mare.


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