Saturday, January 10, 2015

Missy's Transportation - a Review

I've never had to arrange a cross-country trip for a horse using a commercial shipper before, so I sought the advice of experts - Melissa at Paradigm Farms, who has interacted with many shipping companies delivering retirees to her farm, and my older daughter, who has been involved with shipping horses to and from Florida and also to shows.  Based on their recommendations and some research I did, I selected C and E as Missy's shipper.  They had to use a subcontractor - one they've used many times before and who meets their standards - for the WV/Lexington leg of the trip - Lukens, out of New York state - C and E arranged all of this.  For her layover in Lexington, Missy stayed at Newtown Station Layover - this facility actually has a vet on the premises.  C and E called Newtown Station to check on her for me during the day on Friday.

The experience was excellent and all three parts of the trip were expertly handled.  Communications through C and E were very good, and they were very responsive during the process of arranging Missy's ride and throughout her trip.  She arrived on time and in excellent condition.

Although I didn't interact with Lukens, who did the West Virginia to Lexington leg of the trip, according to Mary they did a great job - very professional and communicated well.  They used a smaller rig, since Mary's barn is not accessible by semi, and Missy had a nice box stall for her trip.  Missy traveled on a semi from Lexington to my area, where she was transferred onto a smaller rig pulled by a 4wd pick up for the delivery to my barn - we'd had some snow and the driveway/turnaround isn't that easy at the best of times.

C and E isn't the cheapest shipper, but they do an excellent job and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again, and my indirect experience with Lukens was also very good.


  1. Missy looks to be a lovely girl. That was quite a trip for her. So glad you were able to find reliable, caring shippers.

  2. This is really interesting! Thanks for sharing the information with us. :D I'm glad everything went so well.


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