Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dawn Remembers, and Lots of Photos

Dawn was the first of my horses to move to our current barn, a little over three years ago.  Yesterday a mare moved from our old stable to our barn.  Think Dawn remembered the other mare?  Sure she did:

This morning it was actually almost 20F with no wind when I went to the barn - compared to our recent string of below zero wind chills (more of that coming up starting tomorrow), it felt practically balmy.  I was finally able to take some pasture pictures.

Missy chewing - food is one of her favorite things:

Looking good:

Sweet girl:

Dawn with her usual intense expression, and a strand of hay on her forehead:

Dawn at the bale:

Handsome Pie:

Red thought the hay on the ground was better:

Beautiful boys:

A horse (nose intruding from the left) being given the "ears" by Pie:

New header photo - I haven't changed it in years - love this picture of the boys:

Pie loves eating - you can tell how happy he is:

This really shows how different the boys' profiles are.  Pie's ears are actually smaller than Red's.  Pie's head is much deeper through the jowl than Red's. This also shows that Red is somewhat darker - redder - than Pie - this increases in the summer.

Love the Pie mouth at work:

Might even get some riding in this afternoon.


  1. Beautiful photos! :) I love Pie's head. :)

  2. Fab photos of beautiful animals!

  3. Beautiful photos! I had Panama remember another horse once too. I boarded him at a private property for a short while, and one of the horses there was from the first place I'd ever boarded him. He was never actually turned out with her, was just across the aisle from her, but they still remembered one another, and there was lots of calling to each other when they saw one another. I felt bad for moving him, but it was really only meant to be a temporary situation.

  4. I absolutely love your new header shot and these photos. Dawn and Missy have some very fancy blankets. 21 degrees here and on Monday we are looking at 5 not counting the windchill with lake effect snow. Can't wait! So sweet that Dawn remembered her buddy from the other barn. Time has flown...3 years already.

  5. I love the new header photo and the side-by-side comparison of the boys. Dawn's face reminds me a lot of Lucy. Keep your fingers crossed for Brett -- there may be a cancellation at the Mark Rashid clinic in March -- we're on pins and needles waiting to hear if he can get in.

    1. All fingers and hooves crossed for him!

  6. "Food is one of her favorite things."

    I'm not sure a more accurate statement has ever been said LOL.

    LOVE the pictures!!!!!

  7. I think horses are like elephants in that they "never forget". I've seen horses remember horses and people from previous places.

    Love all the photos! Beautiful horses.

  8. Love the new header- I was wondering if it was ever going to change! Dawn is just gorgeous and Missy is cute as a bug's ear.


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