Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pie's Hematoma Decides it Needs to See the Vet, and Miss Stands Alone

Pie has had a nasty hematoma on his neck since last Thursday - he came in from the pasture with it.  It looked like another horse had grabbed and held on, breaking some blood vessels under the skin, but didn't really break the skin - there were just some areas where the hair was gone.  It was about baseball size to start.  Over the weekend, it went down a little, wasn't hot to the touch and he wasn't concerned about it.  Today . . . uh oh . . .

The hematoma is larger, more extensive in area and quite warm to the touch.  After giving me a break in January and February - no vet visits and not even a call to the vet - the gods of veterinary medicine, and the hematoma, have conspired to decide that a vet visit was necessary.  Clearly we (and my pocketbook) weren't receiving enough veterinary attention.

So the vet is coming tomorrow morning.  I'm expecting we'll have a course of antibiotics, and perhaps she'll want to drain it - I suspect we've go an abscess going.

The good news is Pie is happy and feeling good otherwise - we even rode a bit today and although I had intended to only walk, he said that trotting and cantering were good too, so we did some of that.

Today, Miss and I just walked since she'd been slightly footsore yesterday.  She walked out very nicely, and we worked on our bending and our halt/walk/halt transitions with some backing added in from time to time.

Miss is happiest when there's another horse in the ring, but she got to stand alone today - we were riding with another horse, and then that horse left the ring - she was all alone!  She was slightly anxious at first, but quickly settled and we finished our work very nicely.  Then she followed me all around the ring as I picked up several piles of manure - good Miss!


  1. Hope it can be cleared up quickly.

  2. Poor Pie, poor pocketbook.

    My old horse had a hematoma on his stifle once...twice actually. Once drained, once just treated with DMSO for days. Not sure which was better, but the draining cured it faster.

  3. As Gilda Radner used to say "It just goes to show you it's always something!" Hope Pie heals quickly. Miss sounds like she's settled in nicely.


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