Friday, April 17, 2015

Lily Does a Victory Lap

We have three horses (actually two horses and a pony) retired at Paradigm Farms in Tennessee.  The horses there receive excellent care and attention, while having the benefit of living outdoors 24/7 in herds in large pastures.

One of our retired mares is Lily.  She had to be retired in her teens when she developed heaves - she could no longer compete as a jumper and had absolutely no interest in becoming a trail horse.  Also, she really needed to live outside 24/7, which was hard to manage in our severe winter climate, and since she moved to Tennessee, her heaves have basically disappeared.  She's now somewhere in her 20s, and has developed Cushings/PPID, which is under good control with medication.

She did manage to injure one of her eyes last week, and once the vet saw her (Paradigm uses the University of Tennessee vets) - she had a corneal injury that was already heading towards an abscess, and with her Cushings/PPID impairing her immune system, it was decided that she would do better at the University of Tennessee veterinary hospital for a while, so they could monitor her eye and give her round the clock eye medications.

She did well, and arrived back home at Paradigm after a bit more than a week at the hospital - she's still on meds for a bit.  When she arrived at her herd, they were excited to see her - that's Lily, the grey mare, on the right.  The bay mare on the far left is Maisie, another of our retirees.

Once she was back in the herd, she did a victory lap.  In the last photo, you can see her in the back between the two bay horses.

I'm glad she's back at her Tennessee home, and think she looks pretty good for a horse her age.


  1. Glad that Melissa and Jason were on top of things, and that Lily is back home with her herd!

  2. The bay with no white on its face sure is a pretty thing! Glad Lily is better; what a lovely life.

  3. I'm glad they were able to help her and she's back home kicking up her heels!

  4. It's always better to be with friends.

  5. :) There is simply nothing more beautiful than horses running in freedom and joy!! So glad they're living the good life.


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