Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pie Gets a Fever; Pasture Pics; Dawn's Healed Hairline Skull Fracture

My horses had most of their spring vaccinations on Friday.  Yesterday afternoon, one day later, Pie had a fever.  Pie often, but not always, gets a fever after vaccinations.  His temperature was up to 101.4 (101.5 is an "official" fever, but that's close enough for me), and although he was eating well, he was a little bit depressed.  I gave him a 500-lb. dose of oral Banamine, and several hours later, his temperature was done to 100.0.  I'm not sure why Pie's immune system gets so geared up by vaccinations - could be his two prior cases of EPM as well as Lyme - or it could just be how he is.  He looked good in the pasture this morning, and I'll recheck his temperature again this afternoon.

It was a beautiful spring day, so I went out in the pasture to take some pictures.  All the horses were nibbling the very small sprigs of grass that are coming up.  Their coats are in the semi-fuzzy/scruffy stage - summer coats are coming in and remnants of winter coats are hanging on.





(Missy: "why are you taking pictures of my butt?")

And bonus pictures of Dawn's healed hairline skull fracture - the first picture is from several years ago:

And here's her face today - it was the slight asymmetry that clued me in - she has a slight depression about halfway between her right eye (left of the photo) and the whorl in the center of her forehead.  The vet said that the new ridge running down from there along the side of the nasal bone is calcification from the injury healing.  Fortunately minor, and no ill effects.


  1. Those are some happy looking horses!

    Miss sure did add a whole lots more white to your life haha! Cracks me up!

    1. Yeah, and my vet had fun drawing her picture for the Coggins!

    2. Mine always got great pleasure from it too;)

  2. Your horses are more shedded than mine. Mine still look pretty fuzzy.

    It's hard to get them looking really good this time of year. I'll have to wait to take pictures. *G*

  3. I'm sure Pie will be back to normal soon. I think some just react differently to vaccinations.

    Love all the horsey pictures. They look great compared to the rag tag group we have here.

  4. Pie update: no fever today, Sunday.

  5. Love Pie's jowls in the head on photo. Glad to hear his fever is gone- he's a sensitive kind of a guy!

  6. Poor Pie! He seems to have more than his share of afflictions. :( I agree with another commentor about his manly jowls - love them! They all look good, and seem to have less hair than some of our horses coming out of a very mild winter. You must blanket them (?) I enjoy seeing nice, round bellies too. :) Eagle had a skull fracture a couple of years back, cause a rather large and unsightly bulge just off center of the bridge of his nose, but the swelling has gone down a lot and it's only noticeable if you're looking closely.

  7. They are all looking good. Ours are in the half winter-half summer coat stage as well.

  8. Your horses look beautiful. I hope Pie is feeling better. Dawn has a lovely face; glad her fracture healed well.


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