Monday, May 4, 2015

Dirty Missy and Dawn in Motion

I was out in the mare pasture at bring in time today, and got some good photos.

Missy was very dirty, but is looking good:

And I got some rare action shots of Dawn (dirty too, but it doesn't show as much), who's looking great for a mare who's about to turn 18 - you can almost see the racehorse she used to be:

After a stop for a drink at the water tank, she came on in with me.

Nothing better than two lovely mares on a beautiful spring day . . .


  1. Excellent photos of Dawn in motion! She looks terrific.

  2. You have beautiful mares, and I'm reminded of one of your recent posts about mares or geldings, a topic I had planned to write about. Most of my friends are "geldings only", and I would go with either, but mares do bond deeply with their person--at least from what I've seen. I like to see mares celebrated a bit.

  3. Lovely to see them out in the sunshine and the green grass. Much preferred to the snow, that's for sure. They both look great!

  4. I will have to catch up - I hadn't read about Missy. It's good to see your herd and sweet Pie...

    1. Missy came to me in January from Mare at the Simply Horse Crazy blog.

  5. Missy in her natural state. I know it well! Haha. Tell that fabulous mare I said hi!

    Love the action shots!

  6. I love those shots of Dawn. The first one definitely looks like "race horse" to me.

  7. Dawn is looking good! Love the action shots. Missy certainly looks like she had a great time rolling. I think she got every spot she needed to.

  8. I love watching the mares run and play. Dawn is gorgeous- I bet she was stunning when she was on the track. Have fun getting Missy all sparkly clean!

  9. These pictures of your lovely girls just made me smile...both so beautiful. Dirty horses are happy horses!!

  10. Happy birthday to Missy. She's a cutie, clean or dirty.


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