Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lily, Norman and Maisie Get Body-Clipped

(Thanks to Melissa at Paradigm Farms for the photos.)

Our three senior retirees - Lily and Maisie and Norman the pony - in Tennessee all have Cushings/PPID.  So, this time of year, Melissa at Paradigm gives them body clips to help them deal with the hotter weather.

Here are some fun photos of the clipping action.

Lily had a lot of fur, as always:

Maisie sticks out her tongue - with Lily looking on:

Norman the pony was pretty furry, too:

And he had to stick out his tongue, too:

Lily and Maisie make their getaway:

It's always a pleasure to see how good they're looking in their senior years.


  1. They probably feel a lot better now. Very cute pictures.

  2. I do love clipping them, they are always entertaining with their expressions! With Maisie I love revealing that deep, rich, shining coat that is always waiting under the long hair. It is so satisfying to make her shiny!

  3. My old girl, Kadie has Cushings too, and she gets a lot of hair. This year is better than most, regular meds coupled with a very mild winter produced far less fur, but compared to the slick coats of the others, she is still quite hairy. I'd love to clip her, but my clippers overheat so easily that it's a very long process. Guess I'll do what I can and not worry too much about the appearance. Read: I don't know what I'm doing. :) Your seniors all look very good, and happy!!


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