Sunday, May 10, 2015

Missy Gets a Birthday

I've had a number of horses, some very fine ones, with no papers, and therefore no precise birthday.  Dawn, Pie and Red all have "official" birthdays, since they're registered - Dawn is a TB (June 10 - a very late birthday for a TB), Pie is a QH (April 29) and Red is a QH too (May 23).

So Missy deserves a birthday - most horses are born in April or May, so today's the day!  We don't know her true age, but we'll just say that she turned 13 today.  Happy birthday to a lovely mare!

One clean photo, and one dirty . . .


  1. Happy Birthday, Missy. May all your dreams come true...whatever horses dream of.

  2. Everyone deserves a birthday. Happy Birthday Missy! You're a beautiful girl.

  3. Oh, sweet Missy Mare! We all deserve our "special" day, right? Happy Birthday to a lovely mare!

  4. Happy belated birthday Missy! (Or maybe ya'll are just early?! lol)


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