Sunday, May 31, 2015

Washing Reins?

Yesterday, I washed all four sets of reins in hot soapy water and hung them up to dry.

Washing reins??

Yes, I use these reins and highly recommend them.  They come from endurance land.  The drape and feel are excellent, I like how they comfortable they are in my hands - not too fat or too thin and nicely flexible, they are extremely well made, and when they get dirty, they're washable.  And they come in all sorts of cool colors.

When I ride at the Mark Rashid clinic next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I'll be riding a mystery horse, and the only horse gear I'll be taking with me are my helmet, my dressage whip - I'm used to the feel of this as well - and a set of these reins.  I know the saddles they use at the clinic host's barn, so I don't need to take along a set of these stirrups, that I also high recommend - and that also come in many colors, although this link only has a few colors - I have two sets of them in silver and copper.

More on the clinic later . . .


  1. Brett has reins like that as well -- and loves them. Enjoy the clinic. If you think of it, say hi to Mark from Brett and Mufasa.

  2. So exciting that you'll be going to the clinic. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. I like those reins too, I have a similar set on my hackmore and they are really nice to hold, nice weight to them.
    Will be interesting to hear about the clinic on a mystery horse


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