Sunday, June 7, 2015

Just Plain Amazing

I just got back from riding my mystery horse at the Mark Rashid clinic.  Three days with almost three hours of solo riding.  It was the best clinic I've ever had, and the progress I made with my riding was dramatic.  We were dealing with very small gaps in my feel, timing and energy, and 90% of the time was spent on disassembling and then putting back together all the different elements of my trot/walk transition.  The object was to allow the horse to do as soft and delightful a transition as the horse would do in the pasture without a rider, and for me to be effective without getting in the way.

I went to the clinic with precisely the issue of dealing with gaps of attention and direction in my riding that I've been noticing lately.  This trot/walk transition was perfect case in point.  I rode a fabulous mare - her name is Shanaya - who was just right for the job of showing up exactly what I was doing or not doing.  Everything we looked at, and the adjustments I made over the three days, will flow through all of my riding, of all of my horses.

Just plain fabulous . . . more to come when I'm not so tired.


  1. You sound so energized and happy. Those "in the zone" moments are why we keep at it. Inspiring!

  2. Looking forward to more on this.

  3. sounds wonderful! I have so much to catch up on on the blogs. I am sorry to have been so absent

  4. It sounds wonderful. Looking forward to the upcoming posts.

  5. It does sound like you've really had the breakthrough you went there to find.


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