Thursday, June 25, 2015

Oh, Mare

Missy is pretty smart.  She stays out of trouble in the herd, and doesn't usually put herself in a position that's likely to cause trouble.  But yesterday, I came to the barn to find this:

Very odd.  Not bites, not kicks, and pretty symmetrical on both hind legs.  The right leg was a bit worse than the left, and also had a wound down near the ankle:

These pictures were taken this morning, and the wounds already looked a bit less raw.  Yesterday they were very red, although not bleeding - just the top layer of hair and skin was scraped off.  They were very fresh at bring in time, which meant they'd just happened.  They were also quite clean - no dirt or debris.

The good news is that the swelling's not too bad - she had some Banamine last night - and the wounds - scrapes is what they are - aren't too serious although they're ugly.  She's sound and there's no sign of any structural damage.  I washed her legs with soap and water, and after she'd air dried, I put Neosporin on the scrapes and then put Swat around each wound so she could go out in a pen today - the pastures are very muddy right now.  She also got a couple of hand walks to help keep the swelling down.  So far so good.  Once things are starting to heal up, she can go back out with the herd and I we can go back to riding.

But how did she manage to do this?  The only thing I could figure is that she got her legs through the fence, and scraped them pulling them back out.  Pie, who can be very crabby with mares, was in a small paddock in the afternoon adjacent to the gate area of the mare pasture.  I suspect that Missy was  at the fence "talking" to Pie - she's in heat - and he didn't care for her offer.  She then kicked at him - he might even have tried to bite her.

There was evidence - a board was knocked loose in the paddock, and lo and behold, on the board below that board, there were white hairs caught in two patches on the top edge of the board.  I'm just glad she managed to extricate herself without doing any worse damage.

From now on, Pie and Red will be in paddocks that don't adjoin the mare pasture, to avoid future incidents like this.

Oh, mare.


  1. Well a girl has to put those pesky boys in their place!

  2. oh dear. It looks like she got away with it and hopefully learned somethng!

  3. I'm glad she managed to extricate her legs from the fence without do more damage. I'm sure it will heal soon and she'll be fine.


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