Monday, July 13, 2015

Thanks, and Quarterly Updates

Thanks for all the kind comments.

The blog will stay up.  I will try to update quarterly with doings, what I've been learning and, with a little luck, some photos.

See you all in the fall - I'll plan to post after the end of September - and may you and your horses have a lovely rest of the summer!


  1. Why not come and post your super equestrian blog at Haynet for more to read and follow? Come and join us at to meet more equestrian bloggers!

  2. Look forward to reading your posts and seeing photos of your quartet whenever you are so moved. You have been an encyclopedia of knowledge. Enjoy your time off from blogging....all the best to you and your ponies.

  3. Resounds good! See you in the fall until then have a great summer with your horses.

  4. Meant sounds good. Hate spell check!


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