Monday, August 24, 2015

Photo Shoot

I was at the barn early today, so had a rare opportunity to go out in the pastures with my camera.

Loved how Dawn shone in the sun:

Curious Missy:

Dawn grazing:

Missy grazing:

Missy comes up to say hi:

And then decides the grass is more interesting:

Shiny Dawn:


Pie wonders what I'm up to - that's Red on the right:

Backlit Red walking:

Shiny Pie:

Red butt:

Boys together - Pie on the left, Red on the right:

Pie turns:

Red in the sunlight:

Pie left, Red right:

Pie's distinctive, and I think handsome, head:

Two butts - Pie closest with Red behind:

The boys together - gives a good idea of their relative size, build and color - Red on the left, Pie on the right:

Pie's one sock, with the striped hoof and ermine spot:

Red's leg that had splint bone surgery is looking good, but has a permanent scar:

It's always fun to spend time in the pastures.

Thanks for visiting our world!


  1. Great shots. Nice to see this shiny herd.

  2. They all look so shiny/happy :)

  3. Love, love, love those beautiful chestnut boys.

  4. Oh my, now I need to catch up. Haven't been dropping by because you said you were taking a vacation. Now I've missed a bunch of posts.

    Guess I have to read up. Your horses look great. Love the shine.

  5. Happy contented horses! Dawn is your prettiest horse, but then I'm partial to bays. :0)

  6. Beautiful herd! It's nice to see green! Our pastures died out a long time ago and will not be coming back this year.


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