Monday, September 28, 2015

Red is Sore

Although Red doesn't seem to have suffered any serious injuries from our almost fall a few days ago, I expected him to be stiff and sore - he had to use himself pretty seriously to keep from falling.  The past two days, I've been doing some massage wherever he indicates that he wants it - his neck, shoulders and sacroiliac area seem to need special attention.

Today I put him on the lunge briefly, and although I wouldn't describe him as lame at the trot on any particular foot, he was very tight and stiff and didn't much want to trot.  He's quite sound at the walk, and his swinging walk is coming back - yesterday he was a bit stiff even at the walk. So for now, we're riding at the walk.  He seemed to enjoy it, and we did a bit of leading around the mare pasture afterwards.

We'll do this for the next week, and I'll continue to massage where he wants it.  I'm not doing any bute, since he's in herd turnout and if he's sore I want him to feel it so he doesn't overdo things.  I think he'll be fine, but it may take some time.  I'm just glad things aren't worse.


  1. Red did a great job. Glad you two are okay.

  2. You are fotunate that neither of you were hurt. Glad to hear that he's just a bit stiff and sore. Your plan sounds like a good one.

  3. Even though he's a little stiff and sore he seems to be handling it well. I'm sure he's enjoying his massages too. Hope he's back to 100% shortly.

  4. To be expected, and sometimes it's nice just to enjoy a good walk.

  5. I am sure you will do right by Red. He's probably just fine, but better safe than sorry.


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